Hallowe’en Background Ambience Sounds

Since this was a last minute job for my daughter this Hallowe’en, there was no time to post this up then, so just consider it an early post for next year. I’m thinking of late 2011 already, and it’s not even Christmas yet.

This MP3 is just a couple of minutes long, and contains a mix of scary Hallowe’en sounds. We used it on an iPod set on auto-repeat, with a small speaker by the front door, just to add a bit of spooky atmosphere.

The sounds came from various Creative Commons sources, and was put together using the excellent Open Source Audacity application. It is not broadcast quality (not that Audacity is not capable of that) but did the job.

Halloween Ambience 320kbps

Halloween Ambiance 128kbps

This is the power of Open Source tools and Creative Commons source: the important thing is not that the stuff is essentially free, it is the fact you are given the opportunity to be creative with the tools and media and to customise it without restriction. The right to do so, given to you through the licensing terms, is where the real power lies.

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