Google Webfonts for Woo Framework

Bradley Charbonneau has put together a video that demonstrates this plugin in action. Thanks Bradley 🙂

WooThemes are a big WordPress theme provider. They have taken the lean approach of releasing themes that fit the needs of a lot of people, but may be rough around the edges, but work enough. Constant updates then fill in the gaps.

One update that has been a long time coming is the ability to pull in webfonts from Google. There are some hard-coded webfonts listed in the core of the “Woo Framework” (a set of core scripts that most WooThemes themes share), but that list is – by definition – out of date by the time you download your theme.

To remedy this, I created a simple plugin that extends the range of webfonts from Google that can be used in a Woo Themes theme. Here it is:

If you are installing from within WordPress, just search for “woo framework google fonts”.

This plugin requires (for now at least) that you register for a Google API key first. This key allows the plugin to fetch the full list of fonts from Google at any time, which it does every twelve hours to keep up-to-date. Please note that you do not need to be a developer for Google to register for the key. It is just one of those things you need for the link between the plugin and Google to work.

Some example fonts:

Audiowide, Aubrey & Bonbon

Update: from version 1.2.0 a Google API key is no longer needed to get going. A fallback file of 652 657 fonts is included within the plugin. Future versions may allow you to override that fallback within your theme, but for now it is just a snapshot of available fonts at the time the plugin was released.

Give it a go, let me know how it works for you, and what new features you would find helpful.

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