Setting up an iPhone on an SME Server

The SME Server is a Linux distribution that sets up a server providing email, file sharing and authentication services. When used as a mail server, it provides SMTP and IMAP mail services over SSL. Connecting an iPhone to this server involves a couple of unintuitive steps, which are documented here: When it [erroneously IMO] […]

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What is github?

I has asked today what github is, after bringing it up in discussion concerning files that have come out of CultureCode hack this weekend. I suspect this will not be the last time I’m asked, so thought it an ideal subject to post about. So here is a brief discussion for absolute beginners, hopefully with […]

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Creating an HTML signature in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird email client allows you to create a signature for each identity you have created. The signature can be either plain text, or HTML, which can include various formatting. The box that Thunderbird provides to type your signature into, is a tiny little thing. The best way to create the signature, is not to […]

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This tool has been a life-saver on our hosting servers many times. If your mail queues fill up with spam – perhaps incoming, or perhaps after your server has been hacked (timthumb – that caught a lot of people), then spam can be deleted from the outgoing queue. For example, to remove all mail from […]

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New WooCommerce site now live

The website was launched over Christmas. It is my first foray into WooCommerce, the free WordPress e-commerce plugin from WooThemes. Although this free shop is designed to hook you into purchasing themes and plugins, it really is a complete product just as it is, and functions well out of the box. I wanted to […]

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