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What is github?

I has asked today what github is, after bringing it up in discussion concerning files that have come out of CultureCode hack this weekend. I suspect this will not be the last time I’m asked, so thought it an ideal subject to post about. So here is a brief discussion for absolute beginners, hopefully with […]

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Creating an HTML signature in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird email client allows you to create a signature for each identity you have created. The signature can be either plain text, or HTML, which can include various formatting. The box that Thunderbird provides to type your signature into, is a tiny little thing. The best way to create the signature, is not to […]

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List crontabs (cron entries) for all linux users

We had a problem with Plesk, allowing a hacker to set up cron processes on our Linux server as various users. After cleaning a few up, I used this command to list the cron tables for all users:

It’s a handy command to keep in your toolbox. What it does, is take the first […]

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