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Error 500 on password protecting a directory

I was recently using cPanel to password protect a directory on a website. It was all point-click, so should haveĀ  been simple and just work, except it didn’t. After entering your login credentials, the server would return an error instead of giving you access to the directory contents: Error 500: Internal Server Error By password […]

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What is github?

I has asked today what github is, after bringing it up in discussion concerning files that have come out of CultureCode hack this weekend. I suspect this will not be the last time I’m asked, so thought it an ideal subject to post about. So here is a brief discussion for absolute beginners, hopefully with […]

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New WooCommerce site now live

The website was launched over Christmas. It is my first foray into WooCommerce, the free WordPress e-commerce plugin from WooThemes. Although this free shop is designed to hook you into purchasing themes and plugins, it really is a complete product just as it is, and functions well out of the box. I wanted to […]

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