SugarCRM Vector Logo

I needed this for a talk, and could not find a vector logo anywhere. So I knocked one up and it would be rude not to share. All the workings are in the SVG (the traced bitmap and layers that may be useful) as well as the final vectors.

Update August 2015

The logo I used had the SugarCRM stylised cube with the wording underneath. I have been contacted by SugarCRM to inform me that this is not the correct logo. The colours were out of date, and the logo has never been officially authorised for use with the wording under the cube.

So, I have removed the old logo from this page, and instead present the logo as authorised at this time. Again, I’ve passed it through Inkscape to do some tracing, as the original was just a bitmap. This is in no way an official vector trace, and I realise some of the corners need a little tweaking, so just treat it as something for personal use.

SugarCRM logo, transparent PNG for use on white background.

SugarCRM logo, transparent PNG for use on white background.

The SVG file can be downloaded using the link below. If your browser renders it, then use “Save Page As…” to save it to local storage.

SugarCRM logo vector image download here

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