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SugarCRM Vector Logo

I needed this for a talk, and could not find a vector logo anywhere. So I knocked one up and it would be rude not to share. All the workings are in the SVG (the traced bitmap and layers that may be useful) as well as the final vectors. Update August 2015 The logo I […]

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REST API Library for SugarCRM

I’m working on this library for a couple of projects, and it may be useful if you want to talk to SugarCRM from your PHP application: The library contains access to all of SugarCRM’s REST API functions (V4, so far) and attempts to wrap the Sugar data up into a number of models (Entry, […]

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SugarCRM and mod_ruid2

We tried suPHP on our servers for a short time. What suPHP does, is run PHP as the same user as owns that website. It will then only execute PHP scripts that are owned by that same user, and are not writeable by the group, i.e. not writeable by any other user. The idea of […]

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