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SugarCRM and mod_ruid2

We tried suPHP on our servers for a short time. What suPHP does, is run PHP as the same user as owns that website. It will then only execute PHP scripts that are owned by that same user, and are not writeable by the group, i.e. not writeable by any other user. The idea of […]

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List crontabs (cron entries) for all linux users

We had a problem with Plesk, allowing a hacker to set up cron processes on our Linux server as various users. After cleaning a few up, I used this command to list the cron tables for all users:

It’s a handy command to keep in your toolbox. What it does, is take the first […]

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This tool has been a life-saver on our hosting servers many times. If your mail queues fill up with spam – perhaps incoming, or perhaps after your server has been hacked (timthumb – that caught a lot of people), then spam can be deleted from the outgoing queue. For example, to remove all mail from […]

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