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New WooCommerce site now live

The website was launched over Christmas. It is my first foray into WooCommerce, the free WordPress e-commerce plugin from WooThemes. Although this free shop is designed to hook you into purchasing themes and plugins, it really is a complete product just as it is, and functions well out of the box. I wanted to […]

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Jasper Reports overview

Having scratched my head over how all the parts fit together in a new Jasper reporting system for SugarCRM, I finally came across this article: The first couple of paragraphs explained what all the parts are, in a way that the deliverer of the system simply could not. Jasper Reports is the central report […]

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git mv “permission denied”

Running git command line under Windows 7, I was finding that “git mv” to move a directory to a new location was not working. Some folders would move, and some would not, giving me this error instead: $ cd foo $ git mv my_folder new_parent_folder/ fatal: renaming ‘foo/my_folder’ failed: Permission denied   I noticed that […]

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