Great Sources of Free Stock Photos

First, this one seems to aggregate a tonne of free stock sources: A list I will add to over time: Little Visuals Unsplash Death to the Stock Photo New Old Stock Superfamous (requires attribution) Picjumbo The Pattern Library Gratisography Getrefe IM Free (requires attribution) […]

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Error 500 on password protecting a directory

I was recently using cPanel to password protect a directory on a website. It was all point-click, so should haveĀ  been simple and just work, except it didn’t. After entering your login credentials, the server would return an error instead of giving you access to the directory contents: Error 500: Internal Server Error By password […]

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Data Mapper vs Active Record

I’ve been wondering how these differ for a while, especially as I often need to implement object persistence over an API rather than a database. There are few generic implementations of either that don’t have flat database tables behind the objects. So what are they fundamentally? Here is one simple definition: The Active Record pattern […]

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PHPNE Talk – Filesystem Abstraction

I gave a short talk at PHP North East on 18 February 2014 on PHP filesystem abstraction, with an emphasis on how it can be implemented through the Flysystem library. It was my first talk, so I probably over-prepared the material, and then forgot half of what I wanted to mention, but the slides are […]

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Laravel 4 – moving uploaded files

When handling uploaded files in the controller, there is a point where the file needs to be moved to its final destination. Unusually for Laravel, exceptions need to be used to ensure the move took place. First check a file has been uploaded. In this example ‘file’ is the name of the file field in […]

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