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Virgin Broadband MySQL Connection Proxy

This one had me scratching my head for a while. I was attempting to access a MySQL database through my home broadband service. The MySQL database had a control panel where remote IP addresses that can access it could be entered. My broadband IP address was there, but I still could not connect to the […]

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Jasper Reports overview

Having scratched my head over how all the parts fit together in a new Jasper reporting system for SugarCRM, I finally came across this article: The first couple of paragraphs explained what all the parts are, in a way that the deliverer of the system simply could not. Jasper Reports is the central report […]

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git mv “permission denied”

Running git command line under Windows 7, I was finding that “git mv” to move a directory to a new location was not working. Some folders would move, and some would not, giving me this error instead: $ cd foo $ git mv my_folder new_parent_folder/ fatal: renaming ‘foo/my_folder’ failed: Permission denied   I noticed that […]

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Hallowe’en Background Ambience Sounds

Since this was a last minute job for my daughter this Hallowe’en, there was no time to post this up then, so just consider it an early post for next year. I’m thinking of late 2011 already, and it’s not even Christmas yet. This MP3 is just a couple of minutes long, and contains a […]

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Silencing a DES-1228P Switch

Well, not quite silencing, but they can be made a lot quieter. First a brief introduction. The D-Link DES-1228P network switch is D-Link’s attempt to get into the corporate world. I’ve never much liked D-Link equipment purely because of reliability issues, Netgear being my consumer choice. I gave this one a chance for a client […]

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