Did you forget to add an attachment?

This message, presented by Thunderbird when an email you are trying to send contains the word “attachment” or similar, bugs the hell out me. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great idea, but those button labels are crazy. So I click “send” and in my mind I am saying to the message, “go!”. Then […]

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A Primer on PHP Exceptions

The original article is here: http://nitschinger.at/A-primer-on-PHP-exceptions The article explains the structure of the exceptions very well, with this simple list summing up what many pages of PHP manual pages does not make very clear: [text] – Exception – ErrorException – LogicException – BadFunctionCallException – BadMethodCallException – DomainException – InvalidArgumentException – LengthException – OutOfRangeException – RuntimeException […]

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REST API Library for SugarCRM

I’m working on this library for a couple of projects, and it may be useful if you want to talk to SugarCRM from your PHP application: https://github.com/academe/sugarrestapi The library contains access to all of SugarCRM’s REST API functions (V4, so far) and attempts to wrap the Sugar data up into a number of models (Entry, […]

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Google Webfonts for Woo Framework

Bradley Charbonneau has put together a video that demonstrates this plugin in action. Thanks Bradley 🙂 WooThemes are a big WordPress theme provider. They have taken the lean approach of releasing themes that fit the needs of a lot of people, but may be rough around the edges, but work enough. Constant updates then fill […]

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PHP Design Patterns

Some great examples here: github.com/domnikl/DesignPatternsPHP Sometimes it is difficult to get a handle on the implementation of a design pattern, no matter how many times you read the theory. This repository is a collection of some practical examples of what they look like. Being a github repository, if you want to add to the list, […]

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