SugarCRM and mod_ruid2

We tried suPHP on our servers for a short time. What suPHP does, is run PHP as the same user as owns that website. It will then only execute PHP scripts that are owned by that same user, and are not writeable by the group, i.e. not writeable by any other user. The idea of […]

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Skype Eating CPU – The Cause is Adverts

I have been found recently my laptop going through cycles of intense CPU activity and much fan-blowing. The hot air coming out the thing keeps my cup of tea warm, but does slow down other activities on the machine. Looking in the task manager, it is Skype that is doing this, often eating up 25% […]

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Some Useful REST Articles

Diving into REST is a bit like going into MVC: you think you can learn something about how it works by studying and following current implementations. Quickly you find how much the implementations differ from each other and how little they have in common. This is because the fundamentals are often forgotten by the implementers. […]

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