WordPress CSV Importer Plugin – Skipping Duplicates

The meat of this post (until I copy it over) is here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-csv-importer-using-a-unique-field-to-prevent-duplicates There has been a few difficulties in making the required changes to the plugin, so I’m just going to include my version for download here. This is version 0.3.7 of “CSV Importer” for WordPress, but it has a filter hook at the […]

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PHP Backtrace on Errors and Warnings

It is sometimes useful to see back-traces of PHP execution whenever errors or warnings appear on a page. Often you would insert var_dump() statements to see what is happening and to narrow down the source of a problem (I know, not the ideal way to fix bugs, but it is a technique that is always […]

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CultureCode Hack – some project notes

I attended the CultureCode Hack run by CodeWorks on the 24/25 March 2012. I will blog about my personal experience at the event in good time. Or, when I can find some time. In the meantime I will offer some notes on the project that I worked on, specifically the technical aspects of it. The […]

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